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 Property Improvement/Spalling Project + Individual Condo remodeling projects
Mahana 604 kitchen remodel 5/16-6/9/14
Mahana 1011 condo remodel 8/4-10/9/14; excess noise 8/4-8/11/14
Resort Spalling Project: Starting March 2014 through Nov. 2014
The work on the building exterior: spalling, painting, and associated contaminants mitigation will commence on or about March 24th starting at the south end of the Lanai Building impacted units in stacks 17-18-19. Work will proceed Northward at the rate of about 1 stack every 10 to 14 days.
Guests, owners and residents will, unfortunately, be impacted. Next week the AOAO will provide a more precise time schedule so owners and rental agents can forewarn guests. AOAO will do their best to keep everyone updated on construction schedules.
This effort will involve some disruptions to rental activities due to spalling repairs and guests may be aware that asbestos mitigation is underway during their stay depending on the location of your unit and where work is underway. Typically, 1 to 3 stacks will be involved at any point in time
Construction will be limited to the hours from 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday.
Work is scheduled to be completed within 180 calendar however weather and unforeseen spalling or delamination could extend the effort timeline. AOAO is striving to complete this effort before Fall high season.
Update as of 4/28/14 
work is still underway on the 19 and 18 stacks. 19 stack should be complete by 5/14 and 18 stack complete by 5/30/14. 17 stack should be complete by 6/17/14. 16 Stack should be complete by 7/3/14. 15 Stack should be complete by 6/17/14. 14 Stack should be complete by 7/21/14. 13 & 12 Stacks by 7/21/14, 11 stack by 7/23/14.
Update as of 2/20/14:
The long-delayed work on the spalling, coatings contaminants mitigation, and painting will commence March 24th, starting with the south end of the Lanai Building and moving northward. 
Commencement of this effort was delayed due to Maui County permit acquisition issues, which also delayed notification to owners about when the work would commence. The project will include:
Spalling: our typical, periodic spalling work. This is the effort that creates noise and disturbance to owners and guests, depending on where repairs need to be made.
Coatings contaminant mitigation: If contaminants are present where spalling or delamination occurs, comprehensive mitigation and containment will be done.
Painting plus coating remediation where delamination is found: This part of the effort involves “rollers” and should not be a significant source of noise-based disturbance.