Chase N Rainbows Real Estate, Inc.

Property Remediation Project Now thru June 2014 Construction will take place from Apr 2012 thru June 2014. Types of repairs to be completed in this timeframe will include but not be limited to: wood siding replaced, stucco repair, dry rot repair, termite spot treatment, gutter/downspout, drainage and roofing repairs. Painting the buildings and re-landscaping to some extent will also occur. Noise, dust and construction equipment will be present. Expect delays to this schedule. Bldg 22 9/30-12/13/13 + 4 weeks of landscaping Bldg 21 11/18-2/7/14 + 4 weeks of landscaping Bldg 19 1/20-3/28/14 + 4 weeks of landscaping- This building is 3 weeks behind schedule Bldg 20 3/10-5/16/14 + 4 weeks of landscaping- Painting and roofing will begin on 4/25/14 + landscaping to follow