Chase N Rainbows Real Estate, Inc.

Construction will take place from Apr 2012 thru June 2014. Types of repairs to be completed in this timeframe will include but not be limited to: wood siding replaced, stucco repair, dry rot repair, termite spot treatment, gutter/downspout, drainage and roofing repairs. Painting the buildings and re-landscaping to some extent will also occur. Noise, dust and construction equipment will be present. Expect delays to this schedule.
Bldg 22 9/30-12/13/13 + 4 weeks of landscaping
Bldg 21 11/18-2/7/14 + 4 weeks of landscaping
Bldg 19 1/20-3/28/14 + 4 weeks of landscaping- This building is behind schedule eta on completion 5/4/14 + 4 weeks of landscaping
Bldg 20 3/10-5/16/14 + 4 weeks of landscaping- Painting and roofing will begin on 4/28/14 + landscaping to follow