Chase N Rainbows Real Estate, Inc.

Spalling Project April 2013 thru November 3, 2014 Work hours are Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm. They are able to work on Saturdays with approval from the AOAO. Spalling project is scheduled to began on April 2012 and will continue as a 2 year project with an estimated end date of September 2014. The project involves removing all lanai railings, existing flooring on lanais, spalling repairs (concrete surface of building), water proofing, installing new lanai railings and painting. Following is a schedule with estimated dates in which each building will be affected: CONSTRUCTION PHASE 3 Building E 4/21/14-7/28/14 (99 days) Building G 6/6/14-9/12/14 (99 days) Building F 7/29/14-11/3/14 (98 days)