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As of 4/14/14 Pikake- Window replacement project: Starting Monday June 16 thru July 2nd 2014 This is the schedule for units as close as we can get it: A5 on June 16th A4 on June 17th A3 on June 18th A2 on June 19th A1 and B1 sidelite (next to sliders) and side windows June 19th through June 24th B2 on June 25th B3 on June 26th B5 on June 27th A6 and B6 June 27th through July 2nd 2014 Please keep in mind that if the work goes smooth we may get a day ahead but if there be an unforeseen problem along the way we may get a day or so behind. As far as construction noise there will be some, intermittent, and really very light.